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We can help you! There are many options, and we are experts! No worries, there is no planning fee. Just connect with your Travel Agent, that is a local expert, and start planning your dreamed trip! 

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Get assisted by a local expert, save time and money. Get a perfect cruise according to your preferences and the best of your budget!

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We help even the most seasoned of travelers. We’ll create your itinerary together, by listening to what you want to see and do by using our extensive knowledge and experience to present you with suitable options and maybe suggest a few things you’d never even thought of. You’ll make all the decisions and your trip will be completely tailored to you.

Get a professional trip planning, efficient, without any extra charge!


Nick, Alex, Sebastian. This is a family company, a boutique travel agency. Our passion is to help travelers that are looking for a great experience in Argentina. 


We provide an independent trip planning service in our Country, Argentina. Certified hotels, operators, and top guides. Save time and get a perfect plan with the Travel Agents who truly specialized in this region.


For individuals, groups & companies. Sophisticated travelers looking for local culture, boutique properties, family operators and unique experiences. Connect with a local family company!

What Do You Get

A perfect Itinerary consultancy, based on local knowledge, advice, opinions, and ideas. An independent hand to organize a dreamed trip. One-on-one personalized service.

Safe Payments

Your Antarctica Cruise bookings and payments will be handled by the Cruise Line. Any charge will be processed by our Travel Agency. Any payment will be required until you are fully satisfied.

Extra Benefits

As local experts, we are always updated and we look for the best options for your trip. We have direct contact with each service provider that helps us to give a plus to each traveler. 

  • 100% tailor-made journeys. Handcrafted itineraries.
  • "Luxury" means personalized to us. Customize your activities with an experienced travel expert 
  • Family Company: three brothers and certified local partners.
  • Fully protected travel. Trusted Travel Agency with Argentina Government License
  • Local Experts. Enjoy the perfect trip with the help of native Agents.
  • More than just Reviews, we can put you in contact with our Travelers. Many of them are friends now.
  • Make the most of your time and budget. It's the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one.
  • 24/7 emergency US contact number while abroad.
  • Local concierge through our mobile app.
  • Real experiences outside massive tourism.

We will help you to compare the Cruises options, according to your style. Let’s compare the options together, and get different quotes from one site! 

Get the best of your budget!

Sebastian Saorin



"Nico created a relaxing, exciting, fulfilling trip of a lifetime, covering Argentina from north to south arranging air and car travel to maximize time in locations and minimize time in airport lounges"

"Nico created a relaxing, exciting, fulfilling trip of a lifetime, covering Argentina from north to south arranging air and car travel to maximize time in locations and minimize time in airport lounges"

"Trip was fantastic. This travel consultant was extremely professional and helpful. Our trip necessitated numerous last minute changes that went smoothly each and every time by our agent"

"We instantly felt like we had a friend in Buenos Aries. In addition, the three persons in our party at any one time ended up sick and he checked in on us, changed reservations for us"

"We have never used a travel agency before, so we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and care that this travel company exhibited"

"Every experience that our agent recommended was fabulous! We highly recommend this travel company if you are headed for Argentina"

"My husband and I were not sure that 10 days would be enough to visit Argentina, but this agent did an excellent job making sure to squeeze every landmark that we wanted to visit"

"Nicolas was immediately accessible by text, and he was kind enough to check on me throughout my trip, so I always felt like I had a friend who had my back throughout my stay in his beautiful country."

Family Company

Three brothers and local partners with the same vision: to provide a personalized experience. We welcome travelers and we say goodbye to new friends.

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