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Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, with winter lasting from June to August and summer from December to March. The Best Time to Visit Argentina depends on the destination and the type of trip you prefer. Buenos Aires will be calmer during December and January because Argentinians generally head for the local beaches and of neighboring Uruguay and Brazil at the height of summer. To go to the middle and south of the country (Patagonia), from October to April would be the best months. If you plan to travel throughout this country, we recommend you to read  the Argentina Weather by Region with month by month information at your destination!

Low Season


Good time to visit the North. July is a winter vacation month, so things can get busy at some popular destinations. For ski resorts, busiest times are June to August.


(Sep–Nov & Mar–May)

Temperature-wise the best times to visit Buenos Aires. The Lake District is pleasant; leaves are spectacular in March. The Mendoza region has its grape harvests and wine festival.

High Season

(Nov–Feb & Jul)

Patagonia is best (and most expensive) December to February. Crowds throng to the beaches from late December through January.

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