7 Days Argentina Itinerary

Are you looking for the perfect Argentina itinerary having just one week? Here is the resource to help with that mission! Planning the trip can take a ton of work figuring out where you want to go, and narrowing things down based on feasibility. Let’s start planning your ideal 7 days vacation!

Argentina 7 Days Tours & Travel Packages

Calafate Getaway

glaciers patagonia argentina travel agency     city life argentina travel agency     navigation tour argentina travel agency


A one-week classic getaway to the Land of Glaciers starting from the capital of Argentina


"...He was attentive during the planning, and he was in touch during the trip..."

Active Patagonia Anniversary

landscapes patagonia argentina travel agent     adventure trip argentina travel agency     city life argentina travel agency


A journey through pristine lakes and mountain landscape.


"...The scenery and activities in Bariloche are tremendous..."

Uco Valley Experience

Uco Valley Experience

wine and food tour argentina      trekking tour adventure argentina travel agency     horse riding argentina travel agency


Enjoy the most exquisite gastronomy paired with a great wine


"...If we have a chance to go to Argentina again, I will ask Nicolas what else we should do..."

Peninsula Valdes Whales

penguins watching experience patagonia argentina     whales watching patagonia argentina travel agent     city life argentina travel agency


This place will delight you with pure nature: Whale Watching will amaze you.


"... Every experience that our agent recommended was fabulous..."

Buenos Aires All Inclusive

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A full experience to enjoy our gastronomy and taste the top Restaurants​ 


"...I can’t recommend Nico enough. We were so glad to finally meet him ..."

Patagonia Wild Adventure

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The most beautiful destinations of Patagonia for adventure seekers


"... Just trust me on this one, book your holidays with him ..."

Glamping & Trek

glamping adventure patagonia travel agency     trekking tour adventure argentina travel agency     navigation tour argentina travel agency


Combine adventure and time for oneself surrounded by pure nature


"...It really exceeded my expectations; the team have done an incredible job ..."

New Years in Patagonia

glaciers patagonia argentina travel agency    trekking tour adventure argentina travel agency     navigation tour argentina travel agency


The perfect place to receive a New Year, Patagonia Argentina.


"...They totally deserve 5 stars for organizing an outstanding tour! Places were amazing ..."

Crossing the Andes

Crossing the Andes

        adventure patagonia travel agency 


An unforgettable sailing experience surrounded by the Andes mountain range


"... It was a worry-free trip, every destination we reached there was someone waiting for us ..."

iguazu from buenos aires

Iguazú from Buenos Aires

          city life argentina travel agency


Enjoy a stay at a luxury resort surrounded by the jungle and the Iguazú Falls


"...I want to say this is no doubt the very best service we have ever had..."

How to organize a 7 Days Argentina Itinerary

Is one week enough to visit Argentina?

Having 7 days for a vacation in Argentina can be challenging, it will be important to choose. Argentina is a vast region, with long distances between one location on the other. We usually start our Tailor-Made Planning providing a quick consultancy, to explain better about each area’s connections and activities. Did you know that Argentina is the 8th largest in terms of landmass? Our country has a lot to offer, always depending on your style and preferences.

We really know that it is a lifetime trip and you want to see as much as possible.

We suggest choosing two locations, or three top, to enjoy your vacation, and you don’t need to get on a plane every 2 days. Also, any re-schedule from the airline can modify and affect the itinerary.

Get the most of your time when considering the International Flight. If you can leave your Country on Friday – usually from the US you can find night flights – arriving in Buenos Aires on Saturday morning, and you can leave on the following Sunday night, that is an 8 nights trip, 8 days, and that really helps to organize your Argentina Trip.

Transportation in a 7 Days Itinerary around Argentina

One of the main challenges is diving into transportation logistics, having a lot of things you want to see. First important thing to mention: every important or touristy city in Argentina that you want to see is connected by flight. No Bus, no Train. If you want to get from Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls by bus is about 18 hours. Doesn’t seem the best way, right? If you are interested in Patagonia, the Bus is not an option, is too far away. Even in 10 days or 2 Weeks Itinerary, Argentina Itineraries needs flights as transportation. Maybe if you are a backpacker and you have one month, it is a different story.

One extra challenge: we don’t have direct connections between each city. Yes, I know, sorry!

So, if you want to visit Buenos Aires + Iguazú Falls + Mendoza, you need to take 4 flights in one week, plus the International Flight. That is because between Iguazú Falls and Mendoza you will be making one stop, probably in Salta.

We don’t say it can’t be done, I usually organize this kind of tours, always making those comments. The important thing is to be clear about the expectations of the one week experience.

Is Buenos Aires worth visiting?

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city itself, characterized by its great gastronomy, street art, tango shows, green areas, historical buildings, European influence and welcoming people, the ‘’porteños’’!

Some tourists like to dedicate many nights to it, others prefer to avoid the city life, it all depends on the traveler’s decision, but please take this advice: do not try to get a local flight the same day you arrive. It’s a common mistake trying to earn one extra day in another location. If one piece of the puzzle gets wrong, the following days could be affected too. The main idea is to discover the beauties of Argentina, and this also means having a worry-free trip.

So, having seven days, you can consider Buenos Aires as the entrance door, with its own charming style, exquisite gastronomy, and enjoy staying the first night and the last one before returning home.

7 days Argentina Itinerary Ideas

Two sample itineraries to visit Argentina in one week

7 Days Argentina Trekking Itinerary

If you are looking for the Argentina hikes, here a simple idea:

  •   DAY 1 | Buenos Aires.
  •   DAY 2, 3 & 4 | Travel to El Chalten.
  •   DAY 5 & 6 | Calafate. Perito Moreno Glacier
  •   DAY 7 | Buenos Aires
  •   Following day, International Flight.

On this itinerary you have enough time to experience the Chalten Trekking Highlights, that is Fitz Roy Trek and Laguna Torre. You can take also a Trekking in the Ice tour in the Perito Moreno, or the Kayaking between Glaciers.

7 Days Argentina Highlights & Classic Itinerary

If looking for nature and gastronomy, this is a good idea.

  •   DAY 1 | Buenos Aires.
  •   DAY 2, 3 & 4 | Travel to Argentina Wine Country
  •   DAY 5 & 6 | Iguazú Falls Nature Wonder
  •   DAY 7 | Buenos Aires
  •   Following day, International Flight.

And again, this is just an idea that can be customized for each traveler. The most important is choosing two cities, three top if one of those is Iguazú Falls. That is because, even if you need to take an extra flight, the Falls are about 1.30 hours from Buenos Aires (flying).

The Best 7 days Argentina Itinerary

The formula is Buenos Aires Plus…

If you like big cities, to experience Buenos Aires + one extra city, is totally fine. Sometimes less is better.

If you want to explore more, the formula we suggest is Buenos Aires + Location 2 + Location 3.

Here some of the options considering the TOP destinations in Argentina.

  •   Buenos Aires + Mendoza (3 days + 4 days). Wine Lovers
  •   Buenos Aires + Calafate (4 days + 3 days). Nature Lovers (Perito Moreno Glacier)
  •   Buenos Aires + Bariloche (3 days + 4 days). Active & Nature in Northern Patagonia
  •   Buenos Aires + Ushuaia (4 days + 3 days). Arrive into the last city before Antarctica.

And if you want to visit 3 locations:

  •   Buenos Aires + Salta + Iguazú Falls. This is a good idea as those cities have a direct connection.
  •   Buenos Aires + Mendoza + Salta. Same idea, you have direct flights – but not all the days of the week -.
  •   Buenos Aires + Calafate + Ushuaia. It is tight, as you are going into southern Patagonia. Still doable. Better if you have from Friday until the next Sunday.
  •   Buenos Aires + Calafate + Bariloche. Also tight, to visit two of my favorite locations in Patagonia Argentina.
  •   Buenos Aires + Calafate + Chalten. We love this option because Calafate and Chalten are two near towns in Patagonia, so you will have just one round trip flight on this case. This is the winner for trekkers.

The Best Argentina 7 Days Itinerary is..

The title is nice, but there is not really a “best” 7 days Argentina itinerary. The best is personal to each person, and each person is unique. Based on our experience, we can suggest what is mostly asked the travelers.

Get inspired with our itineraries, and If you need help, you can contact us!



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