Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you start with the planning?

We start with a first consultation, by a phone call or e-mail. The idea is to talk about your desires and expectations. To meet each other, listen to your past experiences, the best of each trip, and the things you don’t like so much, to understand better expectations, preferences, and details. We love details, and we are open to listening to all of you, even your favorite dessert! After this first consultation, we will start working on your first itinerary. This itinerary will be customized until you are fully convinced.

How is my price determined?

Our tailor-made travel packages pricing is determined as the sum of the local flights plus the selected ground services after our conversation with the client. Ground services are hotels, transportation, and selected activities. We provide a full price on-ground services, including a deep analysis of the best connections on your dates.  

Do you provide price breakdown?

We separate local flights and ground services. We don’t provide detail on the ground services as we have privately negotiated rates with the most sought-after properties, guides, and transportation services. But we always work closely with our clients to optimize the value of their budget, according to their preferences, desires, and expectations.

Can I book just a part of your itinerary, for example, only transfers?

We provide a full experience as we are responsible for the satisfaction in every included service, and we do our follow up during your stay. We work as a team with each local partner, and we all have the same philosophy: personalized service, authentic experiences, to think differently, to analyze the smarter way to visit an area, a National Park, and only small group or private activities.

Do you charge a planning fee?

Generally, we don’t charge a consultation planning fee. By exception, a planning fee can be accorded with the client, after requesting repeated quotes and itineraries, or if the traveler wants only a professional consultation of his own research.

Which documentation should I submit?

If the traveler is convinced about the Itinerary and wants to move forward with the first deposit, we require a Trip Form to be completed, and a copy of each Passport, because of local tax requirements. This documentation is also important to do a double-check on the provided information before the flight’s tickets are issued, considering that those are restrictive regarding the provided legal information.

After each credit card payment, we send a receipt that is also an authorization form to be signed and sent back to us with a covered picture of the used card. If by exception, we need all the credit card information, it will be required on a secure phone call to your trusted local trip planner.

What is your minimum order?

We don’t have a minimum order, but we work on a full basis because we take care of the full experience, taking care of the connections, special requirements that our travelers may have and we do our personalized follow-up.

How much do I have to pay as a first deposit?

Local Flights: need to be processed and paid during the first 24 hours after the Trip Confirmation.

Ground services: we will inform if a first deposit is required (and the amount), with the itinerary quoted. Usually, between 10% and 30% – excluding festive season, all-inclusive properties, and specials.

And If I can’t travel, which is your cancellation policy?

The payments for your ground itinerary are considered as your balance for a new trip within one year, subject to the new dates quoted. Local Flights are non-refundable and subject to airline conditions for a change in the date.

We suggest hiring a cancellation policy for force majeure circumstances. 

Do you issue my International Flights?

Usually, we do our consultancy on the International Flights, but all our passengers’ book those flights by themselves. We always take care of local flights and connections. If there is any delay or time change on your flights, we also provide assistance.

How do you send me the trip documentation?

After your bookings are confirmed, and the first deposit (if required) is paid, you will receive an e-mail with access to our Mobile App, with your confirmed itinerary. Under request, our operations team can upload the booking number of each hotel. One week before the trip, you will find more details of contact of the transfers, and the flight tickets uploaded.

Will I have the specific time of each activity?

At the Mobile App Itinerary, you will find an estimated time on each activity. At each city, after your arrival, you will receive the specific timing chart. Please consider that the activities are subject to weather conditions and could be re-scheduled. On that case, you will be accordingly informed on-site or through the App.

How I will be informed if there is any modification on my Itinerary?

If there is any modification in your Itinerary, you will receive a notification. Besides, you have the direct message option on that App, so in case you have any doubt, before or during your trip, you can contact us. You will always find a friendly assistant, as we all work as a team.

  • 100% tailor-made journeys. Handcrafted itineraries.
  • "Luxury" means personalized to us. Customize your activities with an experienced travel expert.
  • Family Company: three brothers and certified local partners.
  • Fully protected travel. Trusted Travel Agency with Argentina Government License.
  • Local Experts. Enjoy the perfect trip with the help of native Agents.
  • More than just Reviews, we can put you in contact with our Travelers. Many of them are friends now.
  • Make the most of your time and budget. It's the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one.
  • 24/7 emergency US contact number while abroad.
  • Local concierge through our mobile app.
  • Real experiences outside massive tourism.

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