10 Days Argentina Itinerary

Planning your Argentina trip can be very challenging as there are many interesting destinations to visit, hotel options and endlessly activities to perform. Don’t worry! We are here to make the most of your ten-day journey within our country. The idea is to have a worry-free trip. Let’s start designing!

Argentina 10 Days Tours & Travel Packages

Luxury Off the Grid

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Patagonia’s highlights from a unique and disconnected experience.


"...they listened to what our specifics needs were and offered multiple suggestions ..."

Gourmet Vacation

wine and food tour argentina       landscapes patagonia argentina travel agent      navigation tour argentina travel agency


A different proposal to live Argentina, cooking classes, vineyards, and isolated hotels


"... from the first conversation with our agent, we felt he understood ..."

Off Road North

4x4 road trip argentina travel agency     trekking tour adventure argentina travel agency     wine and food tour argentina


A journey to Argentina’s Northwest, where landscape meets culture


"... I would recommend to anyone looking for a unique, personal Argentine experience ..."

Glaciers & Penguins

penguins watching experience patagonia argentina     navigation tour argentina travel agency     city life argentina travel agency


Visit the grandeur of Los Glaciares National Park & the Perito Moreno Glacier


"...I am so grateful to Nico and Sebastian! We didn’t need to worry about anything..."

Falls & Vineyards

wine and food tour argentina       navigation tour argentina travel agency       city life argentina travel agency


Discover one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World & the Wine Country Route


"...my husband and I had a fantastic trip to Argentina through this agency ..."

Bespoke Vacation

navigation tour argentina travel agency     glaciers patagonia argentina travel agency     landscapes patagonia argentina travel agent


An itinerary that combines culture, culinary delights and breathtaking landscapes


"... Nicolas and his brothers run one of the best operations i have ever come across ..."

How to organize 10 Days in Argentina

What can you do having 10 days in Argentina?

There’s no right measure of time to visit Argentina, as there will always be another place to photograph, an extra activity, or a pending food that you didn’t try. 

The first stage is a presentation call with our team, to understand better what each place has to offer, and which activities are feasible during the season that you are visiting our country. It’s essential to know your desires and expectations in order to choose the correct itinerary.

Argentina’s distances are quite long, that’s why the best way to connect cities is always by plane. Luckily, some flights are non-stop but when having many connections, it is important to have at least three nights in each location, in case of any airline re-schedule or cancellation.

Having ten days, we suggest choosing three destinations, to get to know in deep a certain region and avoid having to pack and unpack every two days.

Which region should you choose?

It’s a real challenge to decide which region is the right for you. But we are here to help!

If you’re looking for adventure, outdoor activities, and wildlife, then the right answer is Patagonia. There are infinite options but also must-sees attractions, as the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Magellan penguins in Ushuaia or the beautiful lakes area in Bariloche.

If you’re seeking contact with nature, and sightseeing through the desertic areas of the country, then the north (both east and west) is the correct region for you. Iguazu is a magical place that most visitors tend to include in their itineraries, an incredible National Park and well recognized as natural wonder.

If you’re a wine lover and you’re looking for a gourmet gastronomic experience in Argentina, then you cannot miss Mendoza. Locals call it ‘’the land of sun and good wine’’, surrounded by breathtaking landscape, romantic lodges and exquisite cuisine.

These are just some options! Do not think Argentina has just these places to offer. We have a destination for each type of traveler: trekkers, wildlife lovers, hunters, and so many more!

Is Buenos Aires a ‘’must’’? 

Buenos Aires is the capital of the country and the arrival city, gate to all Argentina’s destinations, so in that why, yes! It’s a must location. But it’s important to mention that Buenos Aires is a beautiful city itself, characterized by its great gastronomy, street art, tango shows, green areas, and European buildings.

Buenos Aires is the city of the ‘’porteños’’ and yes, you can say we are a great mixture of cultures! Should you be interested in local’s lifestyle, a panoramic view of the city with an expert could be a great option to capture the main attractions of the city.

If you’re not interested in city life, then one afternoon after your arrival in the country and the day prior to your departure is more than enough. And why these two nights? Because we strongly suggest avoiding taking a local flight on your arrival day. A missed connection could be the start of a nightmare trip, and the idea is to relax and enjoy the journey. One night at the beginning and another night at the end of the trip is good enough.

10 days in Argentina: Itinerary Ideas

Two sample itineraries to visit Argentina in ten days

10 Days in Argentina: Patagonia Highlights

If you’re looking forward to discovering Argentina in an adventurous way, here a short idea:

  • DAY 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires.
  • DAY 2, 3 and 4: Ushuaia: Penguins and 4×4 Adventures.
  • DAY 5, 6 and 7: Calafate: Glaciers and Navigations.
  • DAY 8 and 9: El Chalten: Trekking
  • DAY 10: Return to Buenos Aires.
  • Following day, International Flight.

Bariloche is another worth-visit destination, so if you’re looking for kayaking activities, soft trekking and stunning views, El Chalten could be replaced.

10 Days in Argentina: Nature and Wines

 If looking for natural surroundings, nice landscape and good gastronomy, here an idea:

  • DAY 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires.
  • DAY 2 & 3: Iguazu. Waterfalls and Wildlife.
  • DAY 4, 5 & 6: Salta and Jujuy. Northwest desertic areas.
  • DAY 7, 8 & 9: Mendoza. Vineyards and Gastronomy
  • DAY 10: Buenos Aires.
  • Following day, International Flight.

 Please consider that these are just some ideas, but we can customize your trip till the last detail.  

Additional ideas for your Argentina Itinerary

Here some extra options, considering the best destinations in Argentina, all of them departing from Buenos Aires, starting point of any local trip:

Including 3 destinations:

  • Buenos Aires + Iguazu + Mendoza (3 days + 3 days + 4 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Mendoza + Salta (2 days + 4 days + 4 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Ushuaia + Calafate (4 days + 3 days + 3 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Calafate + Bariloche (3 days + 3 days + 4 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Ushuaia + Bariloche (3 days + 3 days + 4 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Calafate + Peninsula Valdés (4 days + 3 days + 3 days)

Including 4 destinations:

  • Buenos Aires + Iguazu + Salta + Mendoza (2 days + 2 days + 3 days + 3 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Ushuaia + Calafate + Chalten (2 days + 3 days + 3 days + 2 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Ushuaia + Calafate + Bariloche (2 days + 2 days + 3 days + 3 days)
  • Buenos Aires + Ushuaia + Calafate + Peninsula Valdés (2 days + 2 days + 3 days + 3 days)

Which one is the best itinerary?

The truth is that there’s no ‘’best itinerary’’ because the perfect itinerary will depend on each traveler’s needs and desires. Our goal is to bring inspiration and make sure you get to see the beauties hidden in our country. If you want to start customizing your trip, do not hesitate to contact us.


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